How to apply changes to WSO2 API Manager React Portals on the go?

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  1. Publisher Portal (Accessed through https://localhost:9443/publisher)
  2. Developer Portal (Accessed through https://localhost:9443/devportal)
  3. Admin Portal (Accessed through https://localhost:9443/admin)

Step 1 :

Step 2 :

ln -s <full-path-to>/carbon-apimgt/features/apimgt/org.wso2.carbon.apimgt.publisher.feature/src/main/resources/publisher <full_path_to>/<APIM_HOME>/repository/deployments/server/jaggeryapps

Step 3 :

npm run build:dev

Bonus Tip! 🙂

npm run build:prod




Associate Technical Lead @ WSO2 | Toastmaster

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Tharika Madurapperuma

Tharika Madurapperuma

Associate Technical Lead @ WSO2 | Toastmaster

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